How important am I to God?

13 09 2008

Without question it is a tragic thing to be God’s creation and not know Him and be separated from His love and grace. Further, how pitiful to live one’s life and have no purpose to life, but to live until we die and no matter how successful or how much a failure….to end the same way… die and leave it all. That is the life lived by those that have not believed, repented of their sins and received Jesus Christ as their savior. One could have an empire greater than Bill Gates of Microsoft….devote one’s life to making money and producing products….but in reality…there is no real lasting purpose to a life lived that way. The derelict sleeping in the street in a card board box or the billionaire who are lost are thus separated God have no purpose for their lives.

God did not create us in vain. He has a purpose for each one here in this room….and it is an eternal purpose on which death has no effect. Death for the Christian is only a door that begins eternally.

Many people today, deep down inside, who do not live their lives for the Lord, and know that their lives have no purpose….




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